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Stellar Bathroom Design


Aquatic Whirlpools

Shop Lowcostplumbing.com and buy a Aquatic whirlpool tub today! An uncompromising commitment to quality. It is what all Aquatic whirlpool baths have in common, in both design and construction. No detail is overlooked, no shortcut accepted. There is simply more to an Aquatic whirlpool bath than other brands. Aquatic quality begins with a unique double hulled design. Most manufacturers are content to settle for a single hull. While double hulls do cost more, the benefits of enhanced structural integrity and durability are worth every penny. No other bath is built to last longer.

Hear that? That is the sound of Aquatics quite-by-design engineering, making your bath as relaxing as possible. Standard on all models are leveling legs, allowing for a customized fit to your floor. With optional ABS structures, vibrations and sounds are dampened even further for whisper-quite operation. Within the beautiful exterior is the heart of the Aquatic quality story. From pumps to lines, every detail has been carefully considered and engineered to deliver a superior bathing experience.

Details do matter, separating exceptional from average, innovative from ordinary…and Aquatic from all others.